We're selling off the last of our current VEC range to make way for Brand New sized VEC with many more colours, available very soon!!!

If you require a colour that isn't currently available, let us know and we can order it in especially for you!!!

Vivid Enhancement Colouring (VEC) is available in over 23 bright & dazzling colours including Metallic Gold, Silver & Copper! 

Our VEC colour chart can be viewed by clicking here.

VEC visual enhancements are bright, vivid liquids that can be added to your messy products to make impressive colourful displays. They give you the ability to make your messy products multi-coloured, stripy & streaky with varying patterns and visuals appearing as the slime flows.


Regularly used by a number of high profile television & theatre companies to create stunning, high intensity visual effects for audiences and filming.


View our gallery above for some examples on how our Vivid Enhancement Colouring colouring can be used with your gunge products.


Suitable for use in conjunction with messy products advertised on MessySupplies.com ONLY.

Note: Due to the nature of this product, this item is not eligible for international shipping.

Solid Bold Gunge:

Squirt all of the 250ml bottle of colouring into your bucket of gunge. Give it a quick mix around for about 30 seconds and hey presto! You'll have a gorgeous, thickly coloured bucket of gunge!

We recommend at least 1 bottle of our colouring per 10-12 litre bucket of gunge. Our producer friends recommend 2-3 bottles for an affluent, bright and shiny look.


Streaky / Stripy Gunge:

Why not take your gunge colouring to a whole new level and experiment with multiple streaks of colour in your gunge?


Squirt some of / all of the 250ml bottle of colouring into the gunge in a couple of different places. DO NOT MIX! This is vital. Then once the gunge is poured or released, multi-coloured streams will cascade down the gunge, making an impressive, ever changing, professional display.

Please Note: Although we promote the use of our bottled colouring on all types of clothing, we recommend wearing old clothing when using the colouring as it may cause discolouration / staining. Immediately after the end of your session, jump straight into the shower and thoroughly rub your clothes clean. This will limit and even prevent discolouration.

We hold stock in excess of 10,000kgs, which enables us to cater for custom orders in any shape, colour or size. Custom orders are more than welcome. Please feel free to contact our professional team to discuss your individual needs / project.


If you have any questions regarding our Messy FX, please check out our FAQs as most questions are answered there or feel free to contact us via our online form.

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VEC: Vivid Enhancement Colouring

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