Order Process

How to Complete an Order at MessySupplies.com

1. Add items to your basket and select 'checkout'.

2. You will need to enter your billing and delivery details. If they are the same ensure 'My delivery and billing details are the same' is selected to save entering the same information twice.

3. Select your chosen delivery method.

4. Select your chosen payment provider.

5. Enter a coupon code if applicable.

6. Add any comments to your order (such as a safe place) if applicable.

7. Click 'continue'

8. On the next page you will have an opportunity to finalise your order by double checking your basket. Click 'Confirm Order'


Paying via PayPal

If paying via PayPal, once 'Confirm Order' has been selected you will be taken to your PayPal login page where you will need to enter your PayPal email address and password. From there you can double check your payment and confirm payment.


Paying via Credit / Debit Card (Nochex)

If paying via Nochex, once 'Confirm Order' has been selected you will be taken to a secure payment page where you will firstly need to select your payment method (eg. Visa / Mastercard / American Express etc). You will automatically be taken to the next page where you will need to enter your card details and confirm your billing address. To finalise payment you will need to agree to the Nochex Terms & Conditions and click 'Make Payment'

Please note: Payment will show on your statement as Nochex - Messy Suppl.


Paying via a Bank Transfer

If paying by Bank Transfer, once at the checkout page our instructions will appear prior to selecting ‘Confirm Order'. They are:

"Thank you for choosing to pay via a Bank Transfer.

To finalise your order please select 'confirm order' below. This will notify us of your request to pay via a Bank Transfer. We will generate an invoice for you with our bank account information within 24hrs.

From the point of issue, you have 3 business days to pay the invoice unless otherwise agreed. If payment has not been received within 3 business days your order will be cancelled without notice. You will be required to check-out again to reissue an order. Your order will not be shipped until payment has cleared in our account."

Please note, Accounts must confirm cleared funds before processing and dispatching your item. This is a manual process and may result in 24hr-48hr delay in dispatching your order.

Paying via a Purchase Order

If paying by Purchase Order, you will require a PO Number which needs to be entered into the box on screen. No funds will be taken at the checkout process, however we must stress that we will NOT dispatch items until full payment has cleared our account.

I would advise making payment within 3 business days to prevent unnecessary delays.


Once the above steps have been completed you will see an ‘Order Confirmation’ page which confirms receipt of your order. We will try and dispatch your order within 24 hours (Monday to Friday), Terms & Conditions Apply.

The document was last updates on December 29, 2015