The plastic Avalanche “BUGSY” Splurge Guns are robust and easy to use. Primed and ready to use in less than 10 seconds, there is no cumbersome preparation involved. Simply slide the Avalanche Foam Spray into place and you are ready to go!


Bugsy Malone:

The popular 1976 musical is a firm favourite among school and amateur productions, adapting for stage performances, due to the original film featuring young UK and American actors portraying American gangsters.


The Avalanche “BUGSY” Splurge Guns have been designed to work with our very popular Avalanche Foam Spray!

Sold separately.


How to Use an Avalanche "BUGSY" Splurge Gun:

Shake the can of Avalanche Foam Spray before use. Slide the Avalanche Foam Spray into the front of the Splurge Gun. Ensure the spray nozzle is pointing forwards and lined up with the barrel of the gun, ensuring an accurate firing line. Point at your intended target and shoot. The foamy contents will fire out through the gun giving the illusion the gun is firing the foam.



To avoid staining fabrics, costumes and furnishings we advise the Avalanche Foam Spray be removed immediately after use. Simply use a wet sponge to remove the Avalanche Foam Spray residue. The foam will quickly dissolve which will prevent unnecessary staining.

A household towel can be used to temporarily remove the residue of the Avalanche Foam Spray during productions. We recommend washing all costumes, outfits, scenery and clothing after use.


Please note: We only advise using Avalanche Foam Spray & our own Silly String. We do not provide information or cleaning advice for any other products used with the guns.

Due to shipping restrictions on aerosols, our Avalanche Foam Spray is available to UK and EU customers only.

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All products on are suitable for use by persons of 3+ years and up.  Always supervise children when using gunge.

All our products are non-toxic, non-allergenic and approved for use on all skin and hair types, clothing and materials. We cannot guarantee however, that reactions will not occur as a result of using our products and we advise suitable research of participants and, if needed, testing prior to use.

Gunge can be very slippery on certain surfaces and we advise the use of protective mats and body/head protection equipment where necessary. Always ensure there are no sharp or hard objects in or around the usage zone and take precautions to eliminate any injuries as a result of slip hazards.

If using on stage or in a studio, please be aware of a slip hazard after use, as residue will remain on the floors surface until cleaned. We advise protecting recording & filming equipment, lighting and any theatre or studio equipment including curtains, backdrops and monitors. Check all studios and theatres safety precautions before use and ensure electrical points are protected. Never use gunge close to mains electrical equipment or near exposed electrical points or cables.

All products on are intended to limit staining, however, we can not in any way guarantee that products will not stain, harm or damage certain materials, fabrics or furnishings and always advise the use of protective sheets and suitable precautions when planning for use. Always wash clothing immediately after use to prevent staining and avoid using gunge near important items such as furniture, curtains or carpets.

Please use gunge & messy products responsibly and adhere to local regulations and safety protocols. Health & Safety Data sheets are available to download directly in the Downloads section or available as a paper copy included in your package upon request.

Please be aware that all gunge can be very slippery on certain surfaces. Extra care should be taken to ensure the safety of all participants and users. Gunge should not be taken internally and should be washed off of skin and hair shortly after a session taking place. If gunge gets into eyes, wash out with warm water and if irritations occurs / persists seek medical advice.

Avalanche "BUGSY" Splurge Gun

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