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Q: Do you ship to my country? If so, how much will it cost?

Yes, we ship most of our products worldwide!

Postage prices are weight based. You can view prices by adding the items required to your cart. In your cart, scroll down to ‘Estimate Shipping’. Click this and enter your country, Region / State and Postal / Zip Code. This will then calculate delivery costs based on the items in your basket.

Unfortunately, we are unable to send liquid based products abroad. These include Ready Mixed products, Avalanche Foam Spray, Vivid Enhancement Colouring (VEC) and some cleaning products. More information is available by clicking here.

Customs and import duties are not calculated and are the responsibility of the buyer.

Q: Is your packaging discrete?

Yes, our packaging is very discrete!


UK Customers

Express Shipping: Most parcels are sent using DPD Local branded packaging with an external address label.

Economy Shipping: Plain jiffy bags or cardboard boxes with FRAGILE tape and an external address label.


International Customers

All Parcels: Cardboard boxes with FRAGILE tape, address label and in some cases Customs Information.


The Customs Declaration may contain information including MessySupplies contact information, delivery name, address & telephone number, chemical name of products ordered and customs value of products ordered.


Please Note: We DO NOT write 'gunge powder' on the declaration. We write the chemical name, e.g. Xanthan Gum Powder.

More information is available by clicking here.

Q: Do your products stain?

Our products are designed with the minimal risk of staining!

We recommend that all clothing be cleaned immediately after a session, this will prevent / limit any staining which may occur. The Vivid Enhancement Colouring may stain if left to dry!


Although all products are easy to clean off and tidy up, we cannot 100% guarantee that staining will not occur so we advise customers to take the following precautions:

• Wear old clothing, with the messy event in mind.

• Lay dust sheets / tarpaulin to prevent spillages onto furnishing, carpets, curtains and upholstery.

• If concerned about staining, try a test patch before use.

We offer an extensive range of high quality stain removers, available in the Clean Up, Mixing & Safety category.

Q: Do your products have a ‘use by’ date?

Each packet of gunge / slime powder has a recommended 3 year life span, while the Slosh 'Custard Pie' FX and the Fluffy 'Foam Pie' FX have a recommended 1 year life span, when stored in the original airtight grip seal bags / container!


Once in liquid form, the liquid product has a life span of between 5-10 days, depending on conditions such as ambient room temperature, storage and usage. While, the Slosh 'Custard Pie' FX and the Fluffy 'Foam Pie' FX have a life span on a few hours.


The Ready Mixed products come with a use by date on the label. This will usually be 7-10 days from the point of processing.


Q: Are your products non-toxic and safe?

Short answer, yes!

Our messy products are safe to use on all types of skin, hair and clothing materials. All of our products meet health and safety guidelines.

We do not recommend consuming any of our products internally, however there are no major health risks if you accidentally swallow some. If irritation to the eyes occur, wash out with warm water. If irritations persists, seek medical advice. Always use responsibly.

If any of our products are being used by children or adults with physical disabilities or learning difficulties, we insist that a supervisor is present to monitor the use at all times. Children should always be supervised by a responsible adult.

We recommend taking extra precaution when using with dyed or bleached hair, especially light colours of hair dye. Please also be aware of putting messy substances on clothes that require dry cleaning only, as this could pose a problem.

Our messy products may cause certain surfaces to become slippery both during and after use. Always make sure you check surfaces first and conduct necessary safety protocols. Do not use these products in environments where there are open electrics, sharp edges or dangerous or hazardous objects. A slip hazard may be present on certain surfaces when using gunge products.

Q: I’ve just made my order, when can I expect delivery?

We aim to dispatch ALL orders within 24 hours (Monday to Friday)!

This may take longer during busy periods or for large orders. If in doubt, contact us and we'll supply a lead time.

Our ‘Ready Mixed’ orders can take up to 48 hours to be dispatched as they are made to order and must cool before packaging.

Based on your selected shipping option, your delivery should arrive in the specified time. However, as stated in our terms and conditions you should always allow up to 14 business days (also referred to as working days) for any delivery within the United Kingdom and up to 25 business days outside of the UK.

If you have a specific event or date in which you need your products by, always purchase as early as you can to avoid disappointment. We can only operate within the boundaries of the shipping companies in which we contract. 

Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information. 

Q: How much gunge will 1 bag of powder make?

One bag of gunge/slime powder = 10 to 12 Litres of liquid product!

This is roughly a standard domestic sized bucket. The volume can vary depending on the amount of water you add to the powder. The more water added, the thinner the gunge will be. Keep at 8-10 litres for the gunge to appear as illustrated. If you order Thick or Extra Thick gunge, the volume will be the same. Only the consistency will be thicker.

Q: Are the gunge / pies easy to mix?

All of our products are easy to mix!

Our Natrosol, MS»Gunge, VIVI-slime Lite, UV GungeGLO, Instant MUD, Instant SLIME, Chunky Jeli-Mix and Bentonite Clay Mix are all easily mixed by hand with no need for additional mixing accessories, just a bucket and hot water! Timings do vary, however most are mixing a few minutes.

Our Methylcellulose & Xanthan Gum gunge products and the Slosh 'Custard Pie' FX & Fluffy 'Foam Pie' FX do require an electric hand mixer to assist in mixing. We recommend no longer than 10-15 minutes. Mixing equipment can be viewed here

With each order we provide detailed, step by step, mixing instructions.

Q: Will the gunge / pies make a mess?


All products are subject to cause mess, especially if poured from a great height or thrown.

The thinner gunge, is more likely to spread. Containment of the gunge can be achieved by using dust sheetstarpaulin, a booth or 'gunge tank', or a water tight container such as a gunge collector / paddling pool, a wet room or outside space.

None of our messy products should stain if cleaned immediately after use, however we strongly advise not to allow any products to get in contact with any fabrics such as carpets, sofas or furniture. The more colouring that is added to the products, the more of a stain risk there will be.


Q: Is it easy to wash off?

Very easy!

Our products are easy to wash out of clothing, skin and hair using soap and water.

The longer any coloured liquid product is left on clothing, skin or hair, the harder it will be to clean off and may take longer if left on for more than 30 minutes. Be aware that white clothing and dyed hair, especially blonde or light colours are subject to stain.

Please contact us if you have any concerns.

Helpful Tip: Our easy cleaning sponges are a great way for speeding up the cleaning process!

Q: How will my statement read if I pay using my Credit / Debit Card?

When using Nochex to pay, your bank statement will display as ‘Nochex-Messy Suppl’.


Q: How much gunge do I need?

The amount of gunge you need will depend on your event and requirements!

One bag of gunge is enough to make 1 bucket (10 Litres) of gunge. Below are some guides to help estimate quantities:

On screen and filming: min. of 30 litres,

On Stage Performances: min. of 50 litres,

If filling a ‘gunge tank’ or ‘booth’: min. of 30-50 litres,

UK bathtub: min. of 180 litres

Standard mobile pool: min. of 500 litres.

The figures are a guide only based on UK average sized items.

Q: How best to dispose of the messy products?

All of our gunge / slime and pie products can be simply poured down the plug or drain!

We advise thoroughly diluting the liquid product with plenty of water whilst pouring it away.

When using the Instant MUD, Instant SLIME or Chunky Jeli-Mix we advise using the Dissolving Agent (Sodium Chloride) which returns the mess to coloured water for easy disposal.

Q: Do you sell the images & videos used on your adverts?

No, we do not sell digital content of any kind.

Q: Can I collect products direct from your warehouse?

Unfortunately, due to public access restrictions on site, this is not possible.

Q: Do you offer charities discounts?

Yes, we can provide discounts to charity based events.

Please contact us and provide us with your registered charity number for this to be applied. 

Q: What is the difference between MS»Gunge and Natrosol?

Both are from the hydroxyethylcellulose family. Natrosol is a well known brand name, while MS»Gunge is our own brand.

They both mix similar, however MS»Gunge mixes very quickly (around 30 seconds), while Natrosol is slightly longer around 2-3 minutes.

In liquid form, MS»Gunge is more matt, stickier and generally thicker. Natrosol smooth and glossy looking - ideal for studio / professional use.

Natrosol is easier to clean as it doesn't 'stick' as much as MS»Gunge.

To sum up, they are from the same family and share many similar characteristics, however they differ in the mixing process and texture.